Electron beam processing or electron irradiation is a process which involves using electrons, usually of high energy, to treat an object for a variety of purposes. This may take place under elevated temperatures and nitrogen atmosphere. Possible uses for electron irradiation include sterilization and to cross-link polymers.(by wikipedia)

Electron beam processing is used in industry primarily for three product modifications:

  • Crosslinking of polymer-based products to improve mechanical, thermal, chemical and other properties,
  • Material degradation often used in the recycling of materials, and
  • Sterilization of medical and pharmaceutical goods.


  • Flame resistant wires / cables

  • Heat shrinkable tube / sheet

  • Tire and resin forming

  • Power electronic devices, semiconductors, polymer switches

  • Sterilization of medical and experimental apparatus

  • Wasterwater treatment

  • Preservation of food stuff




  • No preprocessing required

  • Process executed in seconds

  • No significant temperature rise

  • Verified process

  • High throughput

  • Non-catalytic process

  • No use of radioactive isotopes

  • Environment friendly

  • No Radioactive residues

top view

♦ Electron Beam vs. Gamma – ray

Electron Beam


Source of Irradiation

electron energy



complete penetration, depends on density

complete penetration

Material Compatibility

most material are compatible

most material are compatible.

considered somewhat incompatible with PVC etc.

Processing Mode

continuous or batch


Processing time

less than a minute

several hours


E-Beam turned off by power off

unable to stop Gamma-ray radiation